What Is Main Street Siloam Springs?

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Preserving and Enhancing Downtown

Main Street Siloam Springs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of historic downtown Siloam Springs. Established in 1985, it remains committed to the economic development of the Main Street area, the cooperation and leadership of the local downtown businesses, and the continued improvement of the historic character of the area. Main Street Siloam Springs is an accredited Main Street America community through Main Street Arkansas, a branch of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program.

Main Street Siloam Springs works closely with downtown businesses and stakeholders, as well as the City of Siloam Springs, the Chamber of Commerce, and a wide range of dedicated individuals and community members to collectively develop and progress the economic stability and communal vitality of our downtown.

What We Do

Main Street Siloam Springs follows a four-point approach to downtown revitalization:


Building consensus and cooperation, managing time and resources while recruiting new volunteers and assets to the organization.


Working to enhance the image of the downtown as an exciting community center and marketing the strengths and attractions of the historic district.


Developing and improving the physical vitality of downtown and the potential to attract customers, tenants, residents, and investors.  Advises and provides resources to building rehabilitation projects and other structural improvements.

Economic Vitality

Working to strengthen the existing economic base of the downtown while diversifying and expanding it. Recruiting new businesses and converting vacant spaces to new uses.

Each year, Main Street Siloam Springs sets goals and provides real-time deliverables to our various stakeholders:

Why Downtown?

We’ve all seen it. Driving through America’s many cities and towns, we see main streets given over to the damage that time breeds absent care or maintenance. Buildings and streets that were once the centerpiece of civic life are vacant, waterworn or crumbling.

Here at Main Street Siloam Springs, we believe that preservation of our downtown is the best economic development tool our community possesses. We know, for example, that cities with active downtown preservation efforts more easily retain local employees and young citizens. We know that maintaining infrastructure in downtown prolongs the life of investments made over time. We know that the experience of downtown is more important today than it ever was. Downtown provides a sense of place that is difficult to replicate, and once lost is gone forever.

As a public space, downtown provides a place for people to engage with friends and neighbors. As a marketplace it promotes local business. As an historic district it holds our stories and protects our cultural assets. Through its built environment it promotes healthy lifestyle choices like walking, biking, and enjoying the natural environment. Perhaps most importantly, as a destination it promotes quality of life for all residents and potential visitors.

Who We Are

Stacy Morris

Executive Director

Abby Trinidad

Events and Marketing Coordinator

Kaitlyn Kelly

Farmers Market Manager

2023 Board of Directors

Executive Officers

Marty Harrison, President

Lucinda Jenks, Vice President

Bernadette Keck, Secretary

Johnny Pittman, Treasurer

At Large Members

 Armando Flores Aguilar

 Heather Lanker

 Victoria Sandoval 


Ex-Officio Members

Ben Rhoads, City of Siloam Springs

Arthur Hulbert, Siloam Springs Chamber of Commerce


Contact Us

If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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