223 N. Wright


Historic Tax Credit Eligible


Located in National Register District


Local MSSS Grant Eligible

The Pearson building was constructed before 1897 as a two-story brick masonry commercial structure on a continuous brick foundation. From historic records, in 1897, it was a dry goods and notions store. In 1908, it housed a tailor and, in 1914, was home to a tinsmith shop. 

Little is known about the original storefront structure, most historic photographs of N. Wright taken from W. University looking north. In the 2000s, the storefront entrance was anchored to the left, accompanied by large wooden display windows above bulkheads. The upper story facing N. Wright possesses two double-hung windows and the northern elevation displays five double-hung windows. There is an entrance to the upper floor accessible from an exterior stairway. The building possesses a ghost sign on the northern elevation reading, “A.B. C. Produce Co.” This company was owned by A. B. Current, possibly from the 1920s to the 1950s. At one point the masonry was coated in stucco and was removed in the 2000s. 

Frequently, stuccoing was a mid-century method to streamline the exterior façade or to cover and band-aid masonry issues. Moreover, the streamlining method often knocked off decorative brickwork in the process to flatten the face. Originally, the building’s parapet was decorated in brick corbelling and two dentil bands. The damage to the brick face from the streamlining process was amended by recent efforts and two dentil bands have returned to the parapet with a soldier course in between.  

Currently, the storefront is composed of wood with a left-hand entrance and three large display windows. The storefront design is similar to a New England style storefront. For a time, the building was occupied by Pour Jons coffee shop before the business moved to 516 E. Main. Today, the Pearson building houses Pewter Rabbit Gifts House. The building was previously considered non-contributing due to the mid-century alteration. Since the brick masonry was recovered and repaired, the building was approved by the National Register in 2018 to regain its status as a contributing structure in the Siloam Springs Downtown Historic District. 

For more information on this building’s history, contact the Siloam Springs Museum at Don@siloamspringsmuseum.com. For information on building improvement consultation, grants and tax credit opportunities, contact Main Street Siloam Springs at info@mainstreetsiloam.org


Crown Hotel, c. 1910, Siloam Springs Museum. 

Pewter Rabbit Gifts House, d. 2020, Main Street Siloam Springs. 

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