116-118 S. Broadway


Located in National Register District


Qualified Opportunity Zone


Local MSSS Grant Eligible

The Rank building was constructed in c. 1905, named after prominent local merchants. Early occupants of the structure included the Daily Republic newspaper office (1900s), furniture store (1900s) drug store and hardware store (1910s), a millinery shop, a photography studio (1930s), and Crow Insurance. In 1945, the building’s three storefronts were combined into the J.C. Penney store and Peyette’s clothing. 

The façade was severely altered in the mid-20th century. Originally, the commercial structure was erected with brick masonry set on a stone foundation. Historic photos reveal glimpses of the three original storefront structures. It appears that two recessed double-leaf entrances existed on the left-hand façade—similar to that of 116 N. Broadway—with large display windows and multiple transoms framed in wood. The right-hand side storefront appears to possess bay display windows and a side recessed single-leaf entrance. The second story originally had an elaborate pressed metal façade with inset pilasters framing each one-over-one double-hung window. The pressed metal is thought to have been removed during World War II. 

Mid-century alterations of stucco and tile bestowed a streamline design to the façade occurring during the J. C. Penney’s occupancy. Today, distinctive Art Moderne architectural features are on display, such as: smooth stucco surfaces, horizontal grooves along the exterior cladding, bright blue pigmented structural glass tiling, metal ledge above tiling, a round window encasing a clock, and an overall asymmetrical and horizontal emphasis. These alterations occurred before 1947, as they are visible in a 1947 street photograph. Currently, the building is considered non-contributing; however, due to the façade’s alterations occurring in the 1940-50’s, the structure could be resurveyed by the National Register.

For more information on this building’s history, contact the Siloam Springs Museum at Don@siloamspringsmuseum.com. For information on building improvement consultation, grants and tax credit opportunities, contact Main Street Siloam Springs at info@mainstreetsiloam.org


Yankee Robinson Show on Broadway, d. 1947, Siloam Springs Museum. 

Rank Building, d. 2020, Main Street Siloam Springs.  

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