113 N. Broadway


Historic Tax Credit Eligible


Located in National Register District


Qualified Opportunity Zone


Independently Listed on the National Register


Local MSSS Grant Eligible

The Stockton Building was constructed in 1894 and is the first known stone masonry structure of downtown Siloam Springs. The building first served as a harness and saddlery shop with an attached ancillary structure of iron cladding. This ancillary building later housed a print shop. A photograph from 1900 shows the store selling cigars and tobacco, advertising Spanaflora box openers on the bulkheads. 

Around 1914, the Stockton building served as a pool room, or billiard hall, providing public access to billiard tables and other recreational activities as well as an indoor space to socialize. Currently, it operates as the offices of John Allison DDS. 

As a two-story masonry structure constructed of load bearing stone and distinguished by an ornamental pressed metal cornice, this building portrays a singular yet vernacular architecture. The elaborate cornice possesses a gabled pediment in the center flanked by horizontal outer bays. The storefront is traditionally composed of two stationary display windows and centered by a double-leaf entry, both lit by transom windows. By virtue of these architectural features and the building’s historic significance, it is one of six structures in Siloam Springs downtown which is independently listed on the National Register, a distinguished federal status. 

For more information on this building’s history, contact the Siloam Springs Museum at Don@siloamspringsmuseum.com. For information on building improvement consultation, grants and tax credit opportunities, contact Main Street Siloam Springs at info@mainstreetsiloam.org


Stockton Building, c. 1900, Siloam Printing Collection. 

John Allison DDS, d. 2020, Main Street Siloam Springs. 

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