How many weeks would it take you to raise roughly 24,000 dollars? To many that number seems concerning. To the team at Red Beard Fitness that number represented exactly what they needed to open their new fitness facility that would house their workout space, a natural food market, and a bicycle shop.


Randy and Kate Crafton moved their three children and dreams from Nashville to Siloam Springs three years ago. Both Kate and Randy have a passion for wellbeing and fitness. After suggesting to a few friends to join a workout in their home garage, the Crafton’s began to watch the number of participants swell. It soon became evident that their small garage wouldn’t do the trick. The people of Siloam Springs were hungry for a new and fresh approach to high intensity interval  training workouts. Red Beard Fitness filled that need. Each time the fitness team relocated, they maxed out their capacity. The Craftons had to consider what their future trajectory should be.

Red Beard Fitness Siloam Springs

Red Beard Fitness volunteer lends a hand renovating the new space.

“We knew we needed a space of our own… we know our people wanted it,” Kate recalls. Kate and Randy live humbly and experienced significant fear about business loans and financing a new facility. “One day in Pour Jons, two of our friends suggested that we start a Go Fund Me. They emphasized that it would be a good way to allow the community to show us what they wanted by investing in us.”  Kate started a crowdsourcing campaign at the encouragement of her friends, but wondered how well it would do. Randy and Kate note that it can be hard to ask for help. “You don’t want to feel like you are begging,” Kate comments, ” but it soon became very clear that we had the support and love of our community.” The campaign was funded within  30 days.  The Crafton’s closed on their new facility on the 31st of July, and expect to open their multi-use space Sept 18th, 2015. Classes will start the proceeding week.

The story of success that Red Beard Fitness experienced is exemplary of the spirit of our small community. Siloam Springs cares deeply about it’s citizens and works hard to put our money where our mouth is. We can’t wait to see what the Red Beard Fitness Team do with their space, and we look forward to partnering with them to insure that their space is one of the jewels that make Downtown Siloam Springs the best Main Street around!