Bumpout Sculptures 


by Jordan Anson

“The idea behind this piece is that with the pyramids placed in a multitude of directions and plexiglass placed in random positions, they overlap throughout your vantage point at all times. Therefore, your vantage point ten steps back or even one step right or left will leave you with a different perspective of the piece. It’s important to remember that while we may be looking at the same object, or issue, or topic, that our perspective of it will be different than someone else’s, no matter where we stand or how we look at it”.


Nature’s Flow

by Piper Hart

“My main goal with this sculpture is to first have it focus on nature by using hard, harsh metals while emphasizing nature’s beauty with natural colors.”


Grow Your Own Way

by Elise Gilbert

“This piece is inspired by nature as a reminder to be weird, be you, and be yourself”.

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