Historic Building Registry Project Downtown Then & Now – Artwork Creation and Promotion Artwork

Request for Proposals (RFP)
Deadline: April 28, 2023

Main Streets Siloam Springs invites artists to submit proposals for 2D or 3D projects that
celebrate & help to promote the Downtown Then & Now Project. The project aims to highlight
user engagement with the historic buildings registered in the Main Street Siloam Springs
Historic Building Registry and the Then & Now online tool.

Main Street Siloam Springs Historic Building Registry Project, Downtown Then & Now, is an
initiative of the organization to identify, document, and preserve the historic buildings located in
the downtown area. The project aims to preserve the unique character of the downtown area,
which has evolved over the years.

Unveiled in 2020, the Downtown Then & Now project was awarded the Arkansas Preservation
Outstanding Achievement in Preservation Education Award by Preserve Arkansas.

Siloam Springs is a quaint and friendly town full of history in Northwest Arkansas with a growing
appreciation and desire for public art. The heart of the town is its award-winning downtown,
which exemplifies what makes Siloam Springs unique: a vibrant and diverse business
community in a cherished natural and historic setting. Siloam Springs has a population of
approximately 16,500, but it is home to the third busiest entryways into Arkansas and has a
trade area population of over 62,000.Siloam Springs’ acclaimed restaurants and shopping,
charming historic district, and natural assets make it a desirable tourist location, and will gain
increasing attention as the arts continue develop and enrich the town.

Project Scope:
The selected artist will create a 2D or 3D project that celebrates the Downtown Then & Now
Project and encourages users to go to the website and interact with the online tool. The project
should be a vibrant, eye-catching piece that encourages visitors to appreciate the unique charm
of Siloam Springs and support local businesses in the area and promote the Downtown Then &
Now Project.

This project offers a special opportunity to help tell the story of the Siloam Springs architectural
history while highlighting the past through an innovative and unique artwork(s).

The artwork(s) will be installed in a prominent location in the downtown area (maximum of 3
years), with high visibility and foot traffic. The artwork should be durable and able to withstand
the elements. Artists will work with Main Street Siloam Springs on suitable locations depending
on the 2D or 3D nature of the project. A QR code pointing the public to the Then & Now website
will need to be incorporated into the artwork as a requirement of the project.

The budget for the project is $6,000, inclusive of all costs, including design, fabrication, and
installation & Artist Fee (Artist Fee = 20% of entire project budget $1,200).

Selection Criteria:
Main Streets Siloam Springs will evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria:
1. Concept and Design: The proposal should be original, creative, and visually engaging.
The artwork should reflect the Downtown Then & Now Project and considers ways to
creatively and meaningfully engage the community in leading them to the Downtown
Then & Now website.
2. Feasibility: The proposal should be feasible within the budget and timeframe. The artist
should demonstrate the ability to complete the project on time and within budget.
3. Experience and Qualifications: The artist should have experience and be able to
demonstrate their ability to design, fabricate, and install artwork in a public space.

4. Local Connection: The artist’s proposal should demonstrate a connection to the Siloam
Springs community and the historic downtown area and consider ways to creatively
engage broad appeal and diverse audiences.
5. Durability: The artwork is considered safe and low-maintenance and adaptable to the
changing seasons

Submission Requirements:
1. Artist Statement: A brief statement describing the artist’s background, experience, and
interest in the project.
2. Project Proposal: A detailed proposal outlining the concept, design, materials, and
installation of the artwork. The proposal should include sketches, renderings, or other
visual aids.
3. Budget: A detailed budget outlining the costs associated with the design, fabrication,
and installation of the artwork.
4. Timeline: A timeline outlining the proposed schedule for the project, including design,
fabrication, and installation.
5. Artist Resume/CV: A current resume or CV highlighting the artist’s experience,
qualifications, and previous public art installations if any.
6. Work Samples: One-page listing of each work sample; please provide a brief
description and budget for each work sample. Please indicate which team member(s)
played a role in the project, and describe the role
a. Please provide up to 5 separate digital images of your recent and relevant
projects; each image file should not exceed 1 MB. Applicants are limited to 5
images maximum (please don’t include multiple images in one file). Save all
images as standard JPEG and label each with applicant’s full name and number
in sequence corresponding with a list of work samples.

Submission Deadline:
Proposals must be submitted by April 28, 2023, at 5:00 pm CST, via email to

Questions and Clarifications:
Questions and clarifications should be submitted via email to the Main Streets Siloam Springs
Office at info@mainstreetsiloamsprings.org. The deadline for questions is April 21, 2023.
Questions will be answered via email within 24 hours.

• Applicant must be an experienced visual artist
• Applicant must be 18 years of age or older
• Main Street Siloam Springs staff and volunteers are ineligible

Main Street Siloam Springs looks forward to receiving your proposals!


● April 3, 2023: RFP announced
● April 21 , 2023: Deadline for Question and Clarifications
● April 28, 2023, Proposals must be submitted by 5:00 pm CST (a confirmation email will
be sent to applicants once materials are received)
● May 9, 2023 (tentative): Committee review
● May 16, 2023: Announcement of Selected Artist
● July 14, 2023: Design Development and Fabrication
● September 15,2023: Installation of Artwork
● September 29, 2023: Project Completion